Pureau 1 Saltless Water Softener & Filter Standard/H+Replacement Cartridges

It is time to replace your Cartridges.

Pureau 1

Saltless Water Softener & Filter Standard/H+ Replacement Cartridges


Pureau 1

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The Ion Exchange Filter Cartridge
is available in an Eco-friendly pack

Same Content - Lower Price

Pureau 1 & 2 Ion Exchange Refill Pack for Cartridge (Filter No 3).

Buy 2 and only pay £17.40 each.
Buy 4 and only pay £14.60 each.

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Quick and easy steps to replace a cartridge

  1. Turn off water main.
  2. Using the  spanner, unscrew the filter housing base.
  3. Remove the filter cartridge.
  4. Insert the new filter cartridge - make sure it is the correct way up.
  5. Replace the housing and tighten securely with spanner
  6. Turn on the water main.