Compression Lever Operated Wonder Valves

Compression Lever Operated Wonder Valves

Compression Lever Operated Wonder Valves Including 10-Litre Flow Regulating Cartridge.

Alternative Flow Rate Cartridges Available

Will Significantly Reduce Water Consuption Rates




Product Features

Plumbing and heating specialists will no longer need to wonder about how to save domestic and commercial customers money on their water bills thanks to Inta’s new Wonder Valve.

The combined flow regulator and isolating ball valve will significantly reduce water consumption rates for both industries and homeowners – resulting in not only a financial saving but also an active step towards protecting the environment.

Allowing between three and 18 litres of water to pass per minute, the valve can be set to three different positions – with the ball closed, set at 45° for specialist use or with an open ball to allow the cartridge to regulate water flow.

Additionally, the Wonder Valve, which is WRAS-approved, can also be removed, inserted and changed in situ under system pressure – making it a simple and cost-effective solution to daily plumbing problems.

As well as reducing energy bills through an efficient use of hot water, the valve can also free up space within kitchen and bathroom designs – allowing various fittings to be used, whilst still meeting water efficiency legislation targets.

70mm Lenght x 50mm Height

Alternative Flow Regulating Cartridges Available

Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 27 x 20 x 8 cm
Compression Lever Operated Wonder Valve

15mm Including 10-Litre Flow Regulating Cartridge, 22mm Including 10-Litre Regulating Cartridge


Spanners, Housings, Brackets, Fittings


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