Whole House Water Filter Systems

Aquatiere’s Whole House Water Filtration Systems deliver clean delicious safe water to your entire house aimed at protecting the health of you and your family.

In addition we offer a Well and Boreholes Water Filtration Solution for your household water supply.

Why choose a Pureau?

  • Ideal for Hard water areas
  • Proven to be kind to sensitive skin
  • Salt-less, chemical free softer water 
  • Reduces  spotting
  • Complex multi-stage filtration - drinking water from every tap
  • Protection suitable for all boiler systems.
  • Ideal for homes connected to a cesspit 
  • Optional H+ Hydrogenating available

Why choose the Ecopure Pro?

  • Produces quality alkaline drinking water
  • Removes chlorine and flouride
  • Designed specifically to aid people with sensitive skin
  • Contains Ceramet which produces
    quality bathing water
  • Fits all water systems
  • Combats rust in soft water areas
  • Optional H+ Hydrogenating available

Your Best Household Water Investment

Well Water. Borehole Water. Private Water Supply.

The Ecopure and UV whole house system is a perfect match for those who have wellpoints or a private water supplyEcopure purifies and softens your water. UV Disinfection system disinfects the water - protecting you from viruses and bacteria. It ensures the water is safe to drink!

Ecopure Pro3 Whole House Water Filter System - Standard Carbon + Hydrogen + UV Disinfection System 3/4″ BSP (Domestic)